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Keys And Room Security

The Convention Center has the capability to provide secure access to designated meeting rooms. Request for keys should be made through the Event Manager and all keys must be returned on the last day of the event. In compliance with NFPA Life Safety Code, doors can‐ not be blocked, chained, or altered in any way. SAFE Credit Union Convention Center staff will access these rooms only in the case of emergency situations [i.e. fire alarms]. You are responsible for daily locking and unlocking of these rooms for event activity. It is also your responsibility to decide with your Catering Sales Manager for delivery and removal of food and beverage services. Additionally, you should establish a daily cleaning.


For plumbing services contact your decorator. Coldwater service is available in the Exhibit Halls. Due to restricted access to water sources on the exhibit floor, it is crucial that all plumbing requirements are ordered well in advance of the move‐in for your show. Restrictions for the use of drains include but are not limited to those outlined below. Please DO NOT USE DRAINS for the following:

  • Disposal of grease of any kind  

  • Disposal of solids of any kind  

  • Disposal of solvents of any kind  

  • Disposal of hazardous materials of any kind  

Production Power

The SAFE Credit Union Convention Center charges our licensee for production power usage. The definition of “production power usage” is the utilization of any power requirements over and above the existing 20‐ amp wall outlets available in the contracted space (applies to Convention Center only).  

  • Production power encompasses any production electrical services including but not limited to lighting, audio visual or video services.  

  • It is incumbent upon the licensee to provide the General Contractor/Service Provider and Center with their production power needs.  

  • All production power usage requests must be received at least (2) weeks prior to the move‐in date outlined in the contract.  

  • The Center will charge the licensee directly for any production power usage over and above the existing 20‐amp wall outlets available in their contracted space.

Signage And Decorations

Signs, decorations and related materials may not be taped, tacked, stapled, nailed or otherwise affixed to painted surfaces, columns, fabrics, windows, ceiling or decorative walls in the Convention Center. Please inform all show management staff and speakers, as well as exhibitors.  

  • Temporary signs may not be attached in any manner to permanent Convention Center signage.

  • Adhesive backed decals and stickers may not be distributed in the Convention Center.  

  • Any costs incurred by the Convention Center for the removal of these items will be billed to Licensee.  

  • Use of glitter and confetti is not permitted in the Convention Center without the prior written approval of the facility. 

  • Costs associated with the cleanup of glitter confetti and related materials are the Licensee’s responsibility. Please contact your Event Manager for fees.

Transportation Management Plan (TMP)

The purpose of the TMP is to mitigate potential traffic problems associated with events. This plan addresses loading, parking, and alternative methods of transportation (i.e. buses). Examples of events needing TMP include:  

  • Events with exhibitor percipient

  • Events utilizing the complete “J” Street frontage for attendee drop‐off or pick‐up

  • Events with eight or more trucks at the loading dock  

  • Officers enforcing the TMP are authorized to tow vehicles in violation of the TMP or city ordinances, or any vehicles that compromise the integrity of the facility’s life safe systems.  

  • For additional information regarding TMP, please contact your Event Manager