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Loading Dock

Image of trucks by the Safe Credit Union Convention Center

The loading dock areas are designed for the sole purpose of facilitating vehicles associated with the loading and unloading of event-related equipment. For that and other safety-related reasons, general parking for attendees or your staff is strictly prohibited.

Dock space assignments will be provided by your Event Manager.

  • We reserve the right for access to at least one dock space to support in-house and service partner deliveries.
  • Storage of crates and empty trailers in or on the dock is permitted in certain situations [excluding combustibles] but will be closely monitored. Your Event Manager can provide additional information.
  • Exposition service contractor may need to stage various delivery vehicles while awaiting dock space during move-in or move-out.
  • The use of streets adjacent to the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center is prohibited.

Exhibitor and freight entry to the Convention Center is via the loading dock. Located at 1401 K Street, the loading dock features 12 truck height bays, four of which feature adjustable loading plates. There are three direct access-loading ramps.

  • Freight may not be stacked or stored on the loading dock, in the loading bays or against fire exits, fire pull stations or fire hose cabinets.

Due to commitments to other events, not all bays and load-in areas will be available at all times. Usage requests for loading dock space should be directed to your Event Manager.